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Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's all over but the payletters

Tis the season when performance reviews actually get delivered and when raises / or lack thereof are bestowed upon the anxious masses. Actually, by now you probably know what is coming your way, but it won't show up until mid-month. Personally I think there are some serious problems with R&R, but I'm not in the mood to do a mini-microsoft discussion of this stuff. More just a sad lamentation about the way that HR tries to put a happy face on whenever they remove money from your pocket.

Just to remind our readers of a couple examples. SERP contribution - supposedly related to the health of the company, but has been down by 4% the past couple of years as compared to the rest of this millenium. It is sticky downwards it seems. Stretching back a couple years, options expiration going from 10y to 7y. Wow. I'm surprised this was not a big deal. But then again most people have probably given up on those things. You have to go back more than 8 years for them to have any meaningful value. Another one I'm waiting to see how it pans out is geographic differential. This has been on the decline for a few years as well. Kind of funny since the cost of living has not reduced in the targetted geographies. In fact if you look at what Santa Clara people pay for housing they would need geo diff in the triple digits...

But put all that aside. SMA is on its way! Well, for some people. And the people who don't get it, well, just be thankful you are probably not going to pay Altmini tax this year.

To all those who wrote in talking about AMD making inroads at Dell and even into Intel presentations... Thanks, but are you trying to make me cry or laugh?


At March 29, 2006 12:26 AM, Anonymous Bernard said...

LoL... I'm still pretty new here, this is my first focal. and result ? well, not too bad, though not what I was expected? SMA ? well, depending on your grade and pay within your grade range. Everyone of coz will felt that they are underpaid, that's normal!

option? forget it. I preferred the cash now, those are just some dream and ways to keep you stay in the company? RSU? duh! over X yrs period and with the current share price performance? :) ....

Anyway, I know only a few Intel public blogger. so keep it up! In fact, we should open the internal blogs section, only those senior leader blogs should kept internal, heck if it helps the company, they should make it public as well.


At November 19, 2008 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this is old but feel i should share my experience with Intel R&R.

One year when your a young and bright eyed college student you'll get a modest increase and a movement from the starting grade to a new grade.

The new grade has lots of requirements to discourage you from getting there. But you can do it. The following year political calculus goes into effect, you can't get a good rating two years in a row, because its just not possible you work hard and are good at your job. So they dampen your rating.

Then another year goes by and you get a promotion because you worked hard, the following year, next to nothing raise, pretty average rating. Even if you worked your ass off you don't stand a chance of getting realistic market pay.

Enter a new company, move your experience over take a 40% raise and leave intel. The only way to beat the R&R system is to be a gold'ol boy manager or to leave. I left and couldn't be happier.

No more effed up lies and political calculus to keep you from equitable market based pay.


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