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Monday, April 24, 2006

Oh dear!

It has come to my attention this morning that the Washington Post has a whiny rant about VIIV. Intel's Hard-to-Define Viiv Doesn't Live Up to the Hype. Sure it is all true, but the tone is dreadful. It almost would have been better if VIIV was released when originally planned so this could be behind us already. Dragging it along in the hopes that it will be better someday is just embarassing.

Get to work Don. People are knocking on the door of the digital home and no one is answering. Take a lesson from your pal Steve J. and you might realize that SOFTWARE is one of the key reasons hardware sells. How are you doing in that area? Seriously. I'm sure you've been asked this question before. This article makes it sound like you are absolutely clueless. What did you tell Paul?

It is one thing to have a recipe, quite another to bake the cake. Intel needs to stop putting pictures on the side of the cake mix box and work on getting all the ingredients right, THEN execute. There is no other way to deliver fluffy goodness. Please some more fluffy goodness!


At April 24, 2006 1:51 PM, Blogger Josh Bancroft said...

Mmm. Fluffy goodness. :-)

Been a while since we tasted that. I was some more!

At April 24, 2006 1:52 PM, Blogger Josh Bancroft said...

I mean, want some more.

Although I am kind of fluffy. :-P

At April 25, 2006 11:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous Intel WorkerBee said...

Look, ViiV is sucking wind VERY hard and will continue to do so. It's classic Intel -- a product concept, backed up by exhaustive reams & rounds of so-called "market research," that is in search of a market.

The "real" digital home is coming in through Apple's strategy, and especially through the new generation of set-top boxes that are now hitting the market. Oh yeah, and TiVo / DVR machines which will soon merge with set-top boxes.

NO ONE wants a PC in their living room, no matter what color it is. People want appliances with handheld remotes, not Media Center PC versions of Windows with ViiV stickers on them. Intel DOES NOT get this becuase what did it do ? It did "market research" and decided "yes, we're a PC maker, and PCs are the most versatile machines out there, and EVERYONE wants and needs another PC, and we need to sell more chips". This is bunk, bunk, bunk.

ViiV is the "next" WebOutfitter service... i.e. headed for the technology dustbin of history. Great ideas, backed by seemingly rock-solid market research, that nobody wants nor buys.

Intel pre-announced ViiV as a pre-emptive strike against AMD. Who then rushes out the amazingly original AMD "Live" home entertainment platform. And AMD has so much momentum at retail (where people will actually BUY their home PCs) that they're gonna a) confuse the market with rhyming platform names, and b) steal even more market share from Intel than they already have, in an emerging category.

Shame on Don MacDonald. Deep down, he's a really smart guy. He knows in his bones that ViiV is destined to fail. But by the time that Intel pulls the plug on it, he'll be long gone in another job (or two down the road) and the "failure" will stick to someone else.

ViiV is LOSE-LOSE for Intel.

What about a post on the great new "VPro" brand? I mean, that's the next platform brand (oops, I mean dumb marketetecture looking for buyers) that's going to take the world by storm.

For all of this purported marketing greatness that is happening at Intel these days, starting with the rebranding and SMG restructuring and then these platform brands and associated marketing strategies, and JMP/demise of IIP, etc.....I give Eric Kim perhaps 3 years before being fired.....and I give Otellini perhaps 4 years before he's "eased" out and replaced with an outsider a la HP.

Intel needs an engineer running the place, not a Steve Ballmer/Carly Fiorina-esque marketing/sales guru. Look where these two "experts" have gotten MSFT and HPQ?

Intel is not far behind as long as Otellini is at the helm. Hopefully the board comes to its senses.

Conroe and the other "superchips" coming out later in the year will NOT stem the tide of AMD momentum.

At April 26, 2006 7:04 PM, Anonymous ViiV said...

Hey, you guys, don't go away. Just wait for my v1.5, and I'll be a ton better. Promise. Don't let my current suckiness become a turnoff.

Guys? Anyone? Bueller?

Now seriously, there are far worse things to worry about, like the upcoming redeployment wave. Conroe has become a lot more important right now. No pressure there...

At April 27, 2006 5:02 PM, Blogger PentrinoVI said...

Hey Anon,

I think you are missing a bit of info about digital home. Look around and you can probably find some sort of roadmap or presentation if you google internally.

But you are right. It looks so much like weboutfitter (Toledo) that it is scary. No offense to our human factors people, but frankly the ones I've seen in action are um... nah, I won't say it.

Speaking of Ballmer, have you ever seen Paul dance?

And Josh, you may be fluffy, but forgive me if I pass on tasting you. Just not my thing.

Great comments everyone!
Bye for now,

At May 02, 2006 1:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on Eric Kim and the sucky job he's done thus far "remaking" intel. I think the whole logo-redesign thing, Viiv, etc. is all just smoke and mirrors! We should have been doing this "core shakeup" that Otellini has tatooed on Bryant's machete years and years ago. Intel is too fat, too slow, and quite frankly there's too many middle mgmt people that are "rest & vesting" (to quote the sentiment seen on the 'unofficial M$ blog' after their recent implosion) who don't care. We've bought too many mediocre companies and paid too much $$$ for them, brought in too many people and our entire culture and way we approach engineering itself is wrong. And all the branding and STUPID names (such as "Viiv") are not going to help or save Intel. If this company is to stop its march down Suck Street, USA, we're going to have to pull ourselves up by the boot straps, let go our middle mgmt fat, and start concentrating on products that are actually

1. better than AMD's
2. cheaper than AMD's
3. are wanted by the public


At May 02, 2006 7:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't marketing itself smoke and mirrors? If so, you could say he did a good job selling himself and making big ado about nothing (Leap Ahead, anyone? Who remembers the booklet by now?)

Hell, we're not even being original. See if the design of this site reminds you of anything:

At August 17, 2006 12:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

more bad news, not very surprising maybe, but what the hell are our guys doing that cover Dell?

Come on Paul sort this mess out and fire these deadbeats!


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