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Thursday, June 29, 2006

A flash of moonlight

In case you are in the dark, Justin Rattner is moonlighting over at ZDNet.

Hey Justin, bring some value to Intel by building our brand by posting at Don't forget to turn on the switch so you can see the lights from the outside.

For those who think this is me recycling posts from my gadget blog... well you are just plain wrong. I'm recycling it from Josh's tinyscreenfuls blog, if that makes any difference.

It's a Marvel

that Marvell picked up the struggling group that they did. I've always had respect for Marvell's business acuity. But one can be hopeful that they will give it the proper attention and turn it into something valuable. A little help with execution (no, not shooting the designers... well, maybe just a few middle managers) and lack of a shadow from big brother might actually work and turn out a lean organization and a lean mean processor.

All I can say is, it is about time.

Oh, and to my faithful reader - if there is one. Sorry, been busy keeping head above water.