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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Tag Team

This article talks a bit about the Intel IT blog. Rather glowingly as well...

It makes a couple of good points. One is that a team blog removes a lot of the "individual" personality. This is true for a couple of reasons - first, it offers a few more points of view, and secondly I think that being part of the team helps to drive authors to a more common or cohesive style. A group starts to think and to talk like a group. Just look at Josh. He is complaining to himself that he is self censoring, most likely cause is that has identified himself as an "Intel blogger".

This of course has its perils. I won't enumerate the failures of group-think here, but you can google for them. Let's hope that the IT bloggers won't fall into that trap. It appears that if they were strong enough to get this far that they should be OK. Good luck guys!

Hmmm... where are the women bloggers...?

Monday, October 16, 2006

In the Zone

An anonymous Intel Blogger wrote in their blog:

Anyone is free to think or write whatever they want about other people, but this isn't the place to do it. I won't post my political or religious views here and I won't allow them to be included in comments. This isn't a free speech zone.

Intel, caution is thy middle name!

For those who wish to post here, unless what you post is truly wretched, it will probably stay even if I completely disagree, but... be prepared for ridicule if you say something stupid.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Damn You Josh Bancroft!

The sort of idea you posted here should belong to ME!

But since it doesn't, I'm gonna poke a hole in it. Imagine you have a huge sock drawer, but that is just the start. There are other drawers with winter clothes and clothes made of Cat5 cable in an immense dresser. There are ALL kinds of clothes in there, some you bought when you were a bit more fit than you are now. Some are handme-downs, some you picked up by accident after a few too many drinks at a party. Some were left by guests at your house after a few too many drinks at your party.

Then the wife says, "Hey, we have a new baby and all the assorted paraphenalia so clean out that stuff. Some of those shirts haven't gotten you laid since 1996. Get rid of 10%".

So the first step is to think, can I put this bowling shirt on ebay? Then you throw out all the stuff with big, obvious holes. Then it gets hard. Do you just throw out 1 out of ten items? Do you sort by color? Do you try and create stunning ensembles and discard the rest? Do you systematically go through the pockets of all the pants looking for lost twentie$ hoping you can perhaps buy a new dresser? Surely, formulating a strategy will take time. And there are things you want to keep for sentimental reasons which no one but you values so you have to make numerous deals with other "stakeholders" (read "wife"). Yeah, six months is almost no time at all. You really should have thought about this in advance. Why didn't you? If you had, then it wouldn't have ruined your Saturday. Discard the socks (both of a pair) and underwear when the toes and other extremities start to show.

So yes, a 10% solution is A solution, but not a satisfying one. None are going to be satisfying really, at least until you are through.

So hurry up and get it done. Why aren't you done yet Paul?