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Monday, October 16, 2006

In the Zone

An anonymous Intel Blogger wrote in their blog:

Anyone is free to think or write whatever they want about other people, but this isn't the place to do it. I won't post my political or religious views here and I won't allow them to be included in comments. This isn't a free speech zone.

Intel, caution is thy middle name!

For those who wish to post here, unless what you post is truly wretched, it will probably stay even if I completely disagree, but... be prepared for ridicule if you say something stupid.


At October 17, 2006 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Copy and pasting makes what point? I do think that th original poster had a point. I can only imagine what was said. And since it is that persons blog he can control what is said on it. Blogs are not a democracy.

At October 17, 2006 9:38 AM, Blogger sactoheath said...

corporate america has conditioned us to watch what we say for fear of HR...

gone are the days (at least in big corporations) where ideas flow freely...

the only place i've seen this still happen is in smaller companies, were all of the employees can fit into a conference room and have real, meaningful conversation about where the company needs to go next.

i really hope that grass roots efforts, such as those by Jeff M. and others, are able to push our culture back into something healthy and productive, where, as Craig Barrett's voice tones in the NEO materials..."good ideas rise to the top".

At October 17, 2006 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why does Intel even "claim" it has an open door policy, when everyone knows full well that if you even deign to speak out about anything, you risk losing your job? There are no fresh ideas because of this. Why do you think that the best and brightest are starting to bail? They can go elsewhere where they are appreciated. Intel is not that company any longer. I think that they need a house cleaning. Not just from the bottom up, but from the board of directors down. Intel has lost its focus.

At October 17, 2006 2:57 PM, Blogger PentrinoVI said...


Sure, the original poster had a point. My point is that his point indicates a certain level of caution. This is bolstered by his noting that you can sign up for email alerts for the blog but he cautions against using a "work" address.

I can imagine what was said. In fact I would guess it was the same stuff that was posted here about URM's but perhaps it was worse.

My only point is that I am taking a different approach. For example, I did not touch a single word of your post despite the obvious errors!

Also note, that democracy != freedom of speech. One means that you get to vote. The other means that you get to state your opinion freely.

I don't hold anything against others who take a different approach. If I ran into Ms. IntelPerspectives in person I'm sure our policy on comments would be the last thing we talked about.But I do agree with SactoHeath and Anon2 that it is indicative of a conditioning, a conditioning which is counter-productive I think.

At October 21, 2006 1:30 PM, Blogger Intel IT Guy said...

I'm the blogger who was quoted. PentrinoVI. IMO the comment was much more offensive that those posted about URMs.

My decision to throw out the comment in question and to make my subsequent post had absolutely nothing to do with Intel. The comment in question didn't reflect on Intel at all. The writer was saying that he should not have to put up with certain types of people anywhere, including work. It was not observational about Intel, it was simply an unrelated (and bigoted), statement about a group of people.

I am dismayed to read that some of you think my decision to block hateful comments on my blog has anything to do with Intel, or corporate culture, or that it's driven from a sense of fear.

At October 22, 2006 8:31 AM, Blogger PentrinoVI said...

IntelIT Guy,

Musta been a slow news day and I had to pick on someone :-)

However, your approach is similar to many I've seen at Intel. A certain amount of self-censorship is involved for career preservation if nothing else. I guess that was my point. The vetting of the IT@Intel blog by leagues of lawyers is a similar thing. The results may be quite "professional" but sometimes that is not the point. It isn't the point of this blog. It may be of yours.

We are just shooting at different targets so some difference in style/approach/aim is to be expected. In fact, if I were writing your blog I wouldn't even bother with anonymity.

Oh, and now I suppose you are thinking what is the target I'm aiming at? Ha! As if there was one.

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